The Lodge

The 40′ by 100′ cedar lodge is an all-weather two story building that is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. The upper level is one large room which allows users to configure the space to suit the purposes of the group. With chairs available it can seat over 250 people. It also has a deck with a good view of the Mississippi River where you can see one and half miles across the river and six or seven miles down the river.¬†We are located on a bend in the river. The lodge is a great space for receptions, women’s groups, scout troops, church retreats, etc. Resident managers live on-site.

Upper Lodge with People in it
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The lower level has a fully equipped kitchen which includes a six burner stove, three ovens, two large grills, stainless steel worktables, a warming oven, dish room with dishwasher and three compartment sinks, an ice machine, refrigerators, freezers, and in the summer a walk-in cooler. There are cooking utensils, dishes, and silverware enough to serve over 100 people and the dining area has folding style, school cafeteria tables. All you need to bring are the cooks and the food.

There is a 24′ by 24′ wing on both levels which houses restrooms. The lower level includes two showers for each gender. The upper level includes a nursing station. There is one large wood-burning fireplace on both levels. Wireless internet access is available in the lodge and on the grounds.

In the winter the cabins are closed and the mattresses are moved to the lodge to be used for sleeping on the floor because it is heated. Many groups enjoy this as a giant slumber party.

We would love for you to use our campground facilities throughout the year.
Upper Lodge Empty
Upper Lodge fireplace

Lower Lodge Empty

Lower Lodge Serving Line

Lower Lodge Four-Square